4. mars 2018


We offer individual therapy, couples, family and / or group therapy.

We work with children, teenagers, adults.

Our therapeutic approach is based on several principles:

  • Systemic approach: We consider that each person is part of various systems (professional, family, social, etc.). Thus, we do not pretend to perceive or understand a person in its absolute or exclusively in its problematics, but as an element that interacts within the various systems.

A person is not a free electron, it lives in relation to others.

We see the systemic approach as an attitude rather than a method.

This attitude emerges among other things in the structural system constellations (SySt®)

  • Brief Therapy: This is an approach that aims to limit or solve problems over a relatively short period of time. They are more oriented to the “how” and the solutions rather than the “why” and the causes.

We rely mainly on the work of Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg.

  • Solution-oriented: In this approach, we focus on “how to get better” rather than “why this problem? “.

We help our clients find suitable and appropriate solutions for their system and context.

“Talking about problems makes problems – talking about solutions creates solutions” (Steve de Shazer)

  • Competency-oriented and resourced: We are convinced that each of us has the necessary and useful skills and resources for one’s life. Sometimes we do not have access to them. Our job is to accompany our clients in reconnecting to their resources and skills so that they can overcome the challenges and difficulties of their lives.
  • Therapeutic-client cooperation: The therapeutic framework is co-built with the client. We work at its own pace: the frequency and duration of the meetings are defined with the client and can vary in the course of the therapy.

We consider that the client is expert in the content of its history and its themes, while we (therapists) consider us experts of the accompanying framework towards a better.

We always offer each new client a first free and non-binding meeting in order to get to know each other and explore together a possible cooperation.

Make your life a dream and a dream a reality” (Antoine de St. Exupéry)