4. mars 2018

Systemic and structural Constellation

It is a system of intervention and a language, rather than a method or an approach by which a structure can be staged. This specific structure is simulated by available persons or objects that serve as representatives as certain elements of this structure. The main idea is to outsource and ultimately change the problematic image that the person or customer system carries inside them. By outsourcing these internal perspectives of a structure, the client is able to consider and examine it differently and find new solutions.

People representing the elements of a structure are placed in the space. Their distances, angles and eyes directions give information and clues of real relations between the elements of the system.

A systemic constellation shows what is possible, not what happened! It opens up enlargements of our fields of action.

This approach can be applied in very different fields: therapy, consultation, counselling, mediation, supervision and in the simplicity of everyday life.

What are Syst® Advantages:

  • The client can look at his own theme from the outside
  • To be able to take a step back on our own theme and to look at it from the perspective of the birds
  • Solutions, actions and changes become more visible

Transfer to the real world happens easily