4. mars 2018

Psychotraumatology centered skills

We accompany people who have experienced traumatic events to integrate them by working on reactivating resources.

We see trauma as a temporarily interrupted learning process (Hélène Dellucci), which has allowed people to survive at some point and now needs to be transformed.

All traumas are curable, even without knowing their content.

Thus, we are also working on transgenerational trauma, transmitted in families and / or businesses, with the idea of ​​ending and freeing people from connections that carry difficult and not integrated experiences across generations.

“A person gets stung by a wasp, and all scratch”

Training in psychotraumatology centered skills

Not only do we apply competency-based psychotraumatology to our individual clients but we also teach in various organizations, in which our modules are integrated into their training cycles.

You will find our training in psychotraumatology centered skills in Marlenheim and also in the institutes cited below.

Korzybski Institute in Bruges, NIK Bremen Institute of Northern Germany, Bremen (Germany) and IS3G 3rd Generation System Institute in Strasbourg (French).




Nadine Lyamouri-Bajja et Barbara Pelkmann