4. mars 2018

Our Values and Attitudes

Values ​​and Attitudes

Our values

  • Opening (diversity) vs. Selection (choice)
  • Going beyond its own borders vs. Mastering what is inside the borders
  • Fluctuating curiosity (inspiration/??inhalation??) vs. Solid knowledge (exhalation)
  • Aesthetics vs. pragmatism
  • Structuring (maintaining) vs. Chaos (letting go)
  • What is, is (now) vs. To go to what is to come (in its time)
  • Humor vs. serious


In all our approaches, we systematically work in a systemic, resources-oriented and solutions-oriented way.

What does it mean?

  • Systemic

Perception and acceptance of the complexity and diversity of each and every one of us despite our attraction to simplicity; Based on difference, each in his humanity.

We consider our customers to be part of various systems, and therefore do not claim to understand them or grasp them in their entirety.

  • Solutions-oriented

It is unnecessary to know and analyze the problem to find new solutions. With our customers, we orient ourselves in a caring way towards objectives and solutions, towards a “better than before”.

  • Resources-oriented

In order to find new solutions, we are strengthening existing resources, developing new resources with our clients, serving as little or no solicited resources, and we encourage the integration of elements previously perceived as impediments as potentially useful resources.