4. mars 2018


“It is never too late to have had a happy childhood: just take another look. (Milton H. Erickson)

In search of the influences of our past, our ancestors, we concern ourselves in a resource oriented way and solutions of the stories, relations and experiences that have been transmitted to us by our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents or other members of the family.

A genogram (a graphical representation of family relationships) is a useful tool to demonstrate different forms of belonging and linkage. It also explores certain patterns of behavior, “psychological inheritances” or loyalties. In this context, the solutions and resources orientation means that we use the genogram to deal with the values, abilities, solutions and strategies of our ancestors / We do not explicitly seek deficits, explanations, errors or gaps, but rather the solutions, successful survival strategies, attitudes, or skills that support us and accompany us today in our daily management. A new orientation of family ties is thereby encouraged in order to strengthen the past character and facilitate access to existing transmitted resources.