Free Webinar : Change really is possible !

Thursday 28th May at 18h30
Change really is possible !
These past few days, we hear more and more people being anxious about restarting life like before ; about pretending that these 2 months have not happened. About having to go back to old patterns, rythms, although they have discovered alternatives.
Are you part of these people ?
Do you feel that these two months have changed you and your perception of the world and society a lot ?
Do you see amazing opportunities for change ?
Do you feel like sharing ideas with other people and connecting?
We want to support this particular energy for change and transformation by creating a global community beyond national boarders, to rethink our societies together, through the use of systemic and solution focused tools and approaches… education, health, ecology, living together.
Think globally, act locally.
Do you want to join us ?
Let’s meet on zoom for this free session on Thursday 28th May at 18h30.
We look forward to exploring together!