THE NEW NORMAL: Change really is possible ! Webinar

Free Webinar : THE NEW NORMAL: Change really is possible !

Thursday 11th June at 18h30

These past weeks, we hear more and more people being anxious about restarting life like before ; about pretending that these last months have not happened. About having to go back to old patterns, rhythms, although they have discovered alternatives.

Are you part of these people ?

Do you feel that these last months have changed you and your perception of the world and society a lot ?

Do you see amazing opportunities for change ?

Do you feel like sharing ideas with other people and connecting?

We want to support this particular energy for change and transformation by creating a global community beyond national boarders, to rethink our societies together… education, health, ecology, living together.

Think globally, act locally.

Do you want to join us ?

Let’s meet on zoom for this free session on Thursday 11th June at 6.30 pm (CET).

We look forward to exploring together !


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11. Juin 2020


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