4. March 2018

Its founders


Matthias Varga von Kibéd

Teacher. Dr. Matthias Varga von Kibed studied logical philosophy, scientific theory, and mathematics, at the University of Munich and earned a Ph.D. in Universal Grammar; he published “Strukturtypen der Logik” (with W. Stegmüller 1984) and numerous writings on systemic work.

Empowerment on the basis of formal truth and Paradoxientheorie. He has worked as a professor at universities in Munich, Vienna, Ljubljana, Graz, Konstanz, Maribor and Tübingen. He is currently Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Trainer in Philosophy, Logic and Philosophy of Science in the University of Munich.


Research interests: Paradoxientheorie, formal theory of truth, nonstandard logic, foundations of formal semiotics, Wittgenstein, based on questions of psychotherapy, systemic thinking, methodology of structural systemic constellations.

Published books:

  • Klare Sicht im Blindflug (mit I. Sparrer);
  • Basics der systemischen Strukturaufstellungen (mit R. Daimler & I. Sparrer)
  • Ganz im Gegenteil (mit I. Sparrer)

Insa Sparrer

Insa Sparrer studied psychology in Munich and since 1989 has been a psychotherapist (individual therapy, couple, family, supervision).

Her work consists of combining the practice and theory of several therapy techniques, such as a conversation; with hypnotherapy (client-oriented versus strategic), the combination of verbal and transverbal methodologies.

Insa Sparrer takes care of training seminars in different therapies and is consulted for courses in universities and institutes. She operates in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, England, Slovenia, Hungary and Greece.

Published books: :

  • Klare Sicht im Blindflug (mit M. Varga von Kibéd);
  • Basics der systemischen Strukturaufstellungen (mit R. Daimler & M. Varga von Kibéd)
  • Ganz im Gegenteil (mit M. Varga von Kibéd);
  • Wunder, Lösung und System (engl. Ausgabe: Miracle, Solution and System);
  • Systemische Sturkturaufstellungen – Theorie und Praxis;
  • Einführung in die Lösungsfokussierung und Systemische Strukturaufstellungen.